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Jesse by William Lucas


She developed the machine. It developed a mind of its own…

Maggie Templeton has big plans for her future. A computer science major at NYU, she has her sights set on a lucrative career at a leading technology company. Working through the summer, Maggie designs a computer program named Jesse, an online chat bot she hopes will grab the attention of one of the tech giants working in the new field of conversational computing. But when Jesse comes online and begins predicting future events, it gets the attention of the FBI instead. Soon, Maggie is caught up in a criminal investigation that threatens to put not only her plans, but her freedom, at risk.

Includes an exclusive sneak peek at William Lucas's next full-length novel, "Reunion."

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Reunion by William Lucas


Even if they can make it through the night, growing old together may not be an option for an immortal and his one true love...

Nicholas Seggern doesn’t age; he hasn’t in over ninety years. Forever eighteen, he’s spent the majority of his life moving from small town to small town, earning his keep on family-run farms or in obscure out-of-the-way shops, and keeping his secret to himself. But he’s running out of places to hide. And he’s tired of hiding. Ready to reveal his secret to the world—and accept whatever consequences may come as a result—he just has one stop to make first, and one big mistake to make up for while he’s there. But a surprise awaits him. One that will change everything and force Nick back into hiding. And running for his life.

The highly-anticipated follow up to "Jesse," "Reunion" will be available for Kindle, Apple iBooks, and the Nook in mid-2018.

Collapse by Robin Thorne


We thought we had all the time in the world. We were wrong...

Gwendonline Mullins doesn't expect much from life. Aside from the occasional slap on the backside and crude come-ons from the drunks at the bar where she waitresses, her days are dull and mundane. That is until she encounters a lost and frightened young boy one night after work—one whose true identity is known to a select few who will go to any lengths to get their hands on him.

Steven Gray is a professor of astrophysics and cosmology at the University of California, Berkeley. Using data collected from the VLA antenna array in Socorro, New Mexico, Matthew is mapping the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang. But something in the data captures his attention. Something that the governments of the world would like to keep secret.

Mega-church pastor Matthew Sheppard is on a mission from God: to win over and save as many souls as possible. A superstar in the evangelical and apologetics communities, Matthew's mission takes him from his Dallas mega-church to debates on university campuses across the country. But secretly, Matthew is searching for someone. Someone whose coming was promised two thousand years ago.

The daring and ambitious debut from Robin Thorne, "Collapse" will be available for Kindle, Apple iBooks, and the Nook in late-2018.

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